What is Groupon?

I ran across Groupon on Facebook.  A friend “liked” it, so I took interest.  I signed up and now, much to my delight, I get these great “Groupons” in my inbox!  What are they?  Deals at local places in your area, usually at least 50% off the standard price.   How does it work? You get an offer in your inbox, if you are interested, you do a “preliminary” purchase.  So, you give them your payment information, but are not charged until the deal is final.  For the deal to be final, there is a specific number of people who have to commit to buying the deal.  If enough people don’t, well then you don’t get charged.  If enough do, then you have a great deal!

Here are some of the groupon offers I have received:

*1/2 off helicopter lessons.  I can get lessons for $149, the standard cost is $299. Sounds fun!

*82% off laser hair removal.  My cost, $109, standard cost is $594!  Wow, Summer is close!

*$25 for one month at a local Boot Camp, standard cost $50. Awesome! I could use that!

*$10 for $20 worth of food at a local eatery.  Half off of food is always worth it!

I have been waiting for the right groupon to pop in my inbox, and when it does, I’ll put it to the test.  I think Groupon may be tired of waiting for me though. Here is a recent message I got from them (they are also offering me $5 off my first Groupon purchase!):

Sure, reading Groupon emails is fun, but actually going out and exploring your city–at a huge discount–is even better. Keep your eyes peeled for cool deals this week. If you see something you like, buy it! Remember, every Groupon is 100% guaranteed–if you feel like Groupon let you down, we’ll refund your money. Simple as that.

I’m excited!  I might just become a GROUPIE  :-) .

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