“Spear Phishing”

Spear phishing” anyone?

Most of us have heard of “phishing”, you know, where you get an email that masquerades as a legitimate company that you are familiar with.  The “phisher” hopes to trick you into disclosing sensitive information in order to steal your identity.

Well, now we have “spear phishing” aka, “targeted phishing”.  This happens when someone hacks into a company’s system, lifting names and email addresses, then sends the same “phishing” type emails, but the difference is, they know something about you….your name and the fact that you most likely get emails from that particular company.

The spear phishers odds are in their favor when they know you most likely already get emails from a particular company and they can address you personally, by name…..you would more than likely not be suspicious of the email.  You should be suspicious however, when the email asks for any personal or sensitive information, regardless of who it is from.

Do you want to see a list of the most recently hacked companies, like Kroger, Capital One and Marriott Rewards?

Here you go…: up to date list of breached companies

Unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain that an email is from a legitimate company that you do business with, just don’t disclose personal information.  Even if you are certain, why not just call them at a number you have for them instead?

Be thy safe in this age of living electronically…. :-)


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