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Groupon Follow-up

Hi, everyone! This is a follow up to my post about Groupons.  I purchased my first Groupon a couple of weeks ago.  For $15, I got $40 worth of merchandise at a local health food & supplement store!  You can either print off your Groupon, or do what I did, download the smart phone Groupon […]

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“Spear Phishing”

“Spear phishing” anyone? Most of us have heard of “phishing”, you know, where you get an email that masquerades as a legitimate company that you are familiar with.  The “phisher” hopes to trick you into disclosing sensitive information in order to steal your identity. Well, now we have “spear phishing” aka, “targeted phishing”.  This happens […]

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What is Groupon?

I ran across Groupon on Facebook.  A friend “liked” it, so I took interest.  I signed up and now, much to my delight, I get these great “Groupons” in my inbox!  What are they?  Deals at local places in your area, usually at least 50% off the standard price.   How does it work? You get […]

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What’s new in gadgets? Nintendo 3DS!

We all love them, daydream about them and drool over them.  Everyone loves gadgets!  So, what’s new?  Today, we are featuring something for the gamers. Nintendo 3DS! Yes, I said 3D…and without those ridiculous glasses that teenagers like to wear with the lenses popped out!  The new Nintendo 3DS will come in aqua blue or […]

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Phone Apps for the Bargain Hunters!

You gotta love a phone app that can give you the BEST PRICE on an item by aiming your smartphone camera at the bar code.  That’s right, a phone app by REDLASER compares the bar code for the same product on Google, Ebay,  TheFind and other popular places.  Once you get the best price, just […]

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Avoid Travel Scams

The best way to avoid scams is to be INFORMED! As always, if it’s too good to be true……….well, you know.  In the day and age of Internet, scams are all too easy! Know what to look for and what to avoid. Here are some common travel scams to be wary of: Fraudulent Timeshares – […]

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Tragedy in Japan

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the recent tsunami and earthquake in Japan.  The videos out there show just how unbelievable and devastating the events are.  There is belief that there are over 10,000 dead in the Miyaga province alone.   This is the biggest tragedy to hit this region since WWII […]

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Snowmobile Safety Reminder

We would like to take a few minutes to remind our guests of Snowmobile Safety.  We bring this to you after the recent rescue of two snowmobilers in our area.  Please read the safety info from the following link:  Snowmobile Safety.  Also, always carry a cell phone and a beacon with you! Read about the […]

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Coupons for Heber City, Utah!

Check out these coupons for local eateries, shops and more in Heber City, Utah! Heber City Coupons

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